Gen X home buyers

Because that could be me in the near future I was interested in this article about generational home-buying preferences. While interesting, informative and mostly on the mark, I think it did get a few things wrong.

For example, it claims that Generation X dwarfs the Boomers in size.

The Gen X population, estimated at 81 million strong, dwarfs the baby boomer generation, which numbers roughly 67 million Americans.

That’s not true. Most agree that the Baby Boom generation is bigger than Generation X, and Millennials (Gen Y) are bigger than both. If anything, the numbers seem to be flipped.

Also, when the article states:

Gen X homebuyers grew up with laptops and web-surfing as a way of life. Gen Xers’ careers are important to them, and chances are, a fully wired home office will be, too.

It seems to be confusing Gen X with Gen Y. Because while our careers are important to us we did not “grow up” with laptops and web surfing. I think it is more accurate to say that we came of age at the same time as lap tops and web surfing. I know that I didn’t grow up with these things.

Still, on the whole an interesting article, which is part of three-part series. Boomers have already been covered, first of course. And Millennials are coming.


One response to “Gen X home buyers

  1. I don’t care what anybody says, we were the ones who experienced the awe when video games, laptops, and internet surfing first appeared. Everything since has been refinements and no real innovations. Nyeah!

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