I may soon be joining the ranks…

…of the unemployed.

Recently I was given notice of my lay-off, effective August 9th. And if I don’t secure a new job before then I will be joining the ranks of the unemployed, along with so many other people in this country.

Considering this change of events, I thought it might be an apropos time to restart my blog, which isn’t to assume that there aren’t a million other blogs out there about the pains of being jobless. If nothing else, it may be helpful to me personally, whether anyone else gives a damn or not.

I do count myself lucky in some respects. I got an okay severance package. And I am being kept on long enough so that I will be fully vested in the employee retirement program. Thus upon retirement, if that ever comes to pass for me that is, I’ll be able to collect a pension check. Not much of one, granted, but still…

Also, it was time for me to move on. Seven years was more than enough time to be at my job. I was underemployed in any case, and should be doing something more fitting to my education and experience. Of course, months from now, if I am unable to find a job, I may not count myself very fortunate in any way shape or form. Or maybe I’ll get lucky and nab a position before mine is even over.Who knows?

I wonder what it will be like on my last day, leaving the library after seven years. Seven years is the longest I’ve ever had a job. Before then it was four. Is that unusual for a man of 43? I wonder.



4 responses to “I may soon be joining the ranks…

  1. Seven years is the longest I’ve ever had a job. Before then it was four. Is that unusual for a man of 43?

    How about 3.5 years? Still, I’m only a 41-year-old spring chicken, so. Hey, good to see you’re back on the blog again.

  2. Not unusual at all…my longest job was a hair over seven years, and I am 42. I’ve had 46 jobs since I started working…with some of them lasting only 4 hours or a couple days before I walked out of fear or shame or disgust.

    I, too, am an umemployed librarian…forced relocation due to the demands of my wife’s job with the USAF. Things are bleak out there, but “chin up” and all that happy stuff…good luck in the job market!

    • Unfortunately, I am not a librarian. No degree. Which makes things a bit more difficult. I was only a copy cataloger and that sort of thing is getting outsourced more and more these days.

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