Running the Application Gauntlet

Just sent out a couple of emails with resume attachments for a job lead I got over the weekend. The is the first time I’ve had contacts inside the company (thanks to Colleen). Previously, every job I’ve applied for has involved me posting my resume and cover letter via a company’s web site. You just got to figure that there are hundreds of resumes being posted for each available position. How do the people responsible for weeding through these materials manage, is what I want to know? And what the hell are the chances that they’ll notice my resume. It is very discouraging.

I read somewhere recently that the best thing to do is to identify the person who would likely be your boss and FedEx them a hard copy of your resume and cover letter. But one has to wonder how effective this is. People are busy. There’s a reason they have these online databases. I mean, what’s to keep them from just tossing the damn thing out of sheer annoyance.  Still, what else are you supposed to do.

Another thing I read advised being creative by sending a hiring manager an egg timer with a note that says give me just five minutes of your time and blah blah blah blah. Or buy Starbucks cards as a way of breaking the ice. That can get expensive. I’m just imaging hiring managers all over the U.S. with pile of plastic egg timers in their waste baskets.


2 responses to “Running the Application Gauntlet

  1. You occasionally hear of these “creative” applications working, but I think it depends heavily on the nature of the business you’re in in general and the place where you’re applying in particular. (It seems like this kind of thing might go over well in advertising, promotion, or similar fields; maybe less so elsewhere.) The FedEx thing makes sense–if it looks “urgent”, it’s probably more likely to receive fast, individual attention over reams or ordinary-looking mail. Of course, It’d be expensive to do that as a matter or routine, but if there’s a position you particularly have your heart set on, it might be worth a $12 gamble. Good luck.

    • It just seems to me that if it is advertised in an article on the internet that it has been tried plenty and thus won’t be very impressive.

      The best way still to get a job is to have connection, to know someone on the inside, or someone who knows someone.

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