I’m happy…

…for about five minutes in the morning before the anxiety sets in.

And then the thoughts starts coming at me in an unrelenting barrage.  The only way to fend them off is to get up and get going, get busy, which isn’t an entirely bad thing —  it’s motivating. But what happens when I don’t have a job to go to anymore?

That could very likely be the situation in one month and counting. Yikes!


2 responses to “I’m happy…

  1. Hey, Chris–

    Why not have a daily Plan B ready in case the job hunt takes a little longer than expected? Something along the lines of volunteer work (tutoring, soup kitchen, etc.), writing time, a project at your parents’ house, etc. I mean, you can’t be looking for work 24/7, so you shouldn’t feel like you can’t spend time on anything else except scanning job ads and sending out resumes. With the extra time, is there any way you can get more time with your kid? It’s the perfect time of year for day trips and other fun stuff. You should get a roll of quarters and take her here: http://marvin3m.com/

    • I’m lamenting but it’s not as I’m not thinking in terms of Plan Bs.

      In terms of volunteer work, I could probably easily do that at some other library. A good way to keep busy.

      I do hope to get some writing time in as well as some added reading time.

      I have kickball that runs through the end of the summer still. Plus I’m planning at least two more road trips before the end of summer. Also, I could volunteer and in Addy’s 5th grade classroom. At least, I think I can. I have to look into. And of course, my parent always need help around their place. I’ll be making a to-do list.

      Because as you point out you can’t job search 24/7. In fact, I expect that my morning will mostly likely be spent job-searching, but after that I’ll be turning my energies elsewhere. I’ll have to. Otherwise I’ll go bonkers.

      I just like to piss and moan, especially here on my blog. It cuts down on noise pollution, although does add to the mindless clutter on the web.

      Thanks for all the suggestions, though, especially the Marvin’s one. I’d forgotten about this place.

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