Stay at home Dads more likely to divorce

This according to a recent study as reported in this article in Time magazine.

While attitudes about women working have evolved considerably, social pressure on men to be breadwinners is still strong, according to the study, which was published in a recent issue of the American Journal of Sociology. The study shows that unemployment, more than unhappiness in the relationship, predicts divorce — at least for men.

I wasn’t a stay at home dad, although when my daughter was first born I worked from home three-days a week at first until finally transitioning back to full-time at the office. It wasn’t long after that that I lost my job, at which time I become a stay at home dad. I really enjoyed that time with my daughter and am glad that I had it. We’d go to the park and the zoo together. I remember one time, standing by the big fountain at the Detroit Zoo, my daughter accidentally grabbed my glasses and knocked them off my head and they fell into the fountain, at which point I had to set her down and wade into that mucky water to get them. It was kind of funny.
I wasn’t unemployed when I got divorced, although I suppose it is safe to say that I was underemployed in relation to my my education and experience, but the job I had (have until August 9th) allowed me to be more available to my daughter while my then wife pursued her career goals. I guess I was under the impression that this was okay. But if this study is to be believed that just isn’t the case. Men are still expected to be the breadwinners, equally if not more so than women. Things have changed for women but men are still being held to an old standard, or so it would seem.
It’s emblematic of an “assymetrical revolution,” says Sayer. “The role of women has changed a lot, but we have seen far less movement in the roles of men,” says Sayer. “That men be breadwinners still seems to be very salient for couples. If a man is not bringing in some money, it seems to be unacceptable.”
But hey, things change, and change can’t always be for the better for everyone, right.

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