Another day off

I took yesterday (Friday) off work and fared better than I did on Tuesday. I think because I didn’t spend all day in the apartment. First, in the morning I went for a walk — it was gorgeous outside. After that I did some job searching. Applied for 2 jobs, three less than my 5 per day goal but it was better than nothing, like on Tuesday. Then I got out of the apartment again. I went to see a movie, “The Tree of Life” at the Main Art Theater in downtown Royal Oak. And it was only five bucks. I love a cheap movie, although not as cheap as when I was in grad school at Western Michigan in Kalamazoo. Then I went to movies for 99 cents. One hot summer day I saw “Toy  Story” four (or was it five) times back to back just to keep out of the heat an in the AC.  “The Tree of Life” was interesting, of course, precisely what I’d expect from director Terrence Malick. It was long, but good. Perhaps a bit too long for the woman sitting behind me — she was asleep, snoring, by the end. Anyhoo… after the movie I headed over to my parents’ to hang out and grab some dinner. It was a fairly full day.

The trick is to keep busy, have things to do, which is probably pretty obvious. Anyway, in that tradition, since I could not sleep past 7am this morning I got up and hit the internet hard for a job. Applied for 3 jobs today. Soon I’ll be heading out to get my oil changed and do some laundry and grocery shopping. And who knows, perhaps another movie.

On a related job note: I got a friend who’s going to look at my resume and a sample cover letter. And she’s hopefully willing to work with me, possibly provide some contacts. She’s a connector, i.e. she knows a lot of people, and that could be a big help.


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