Summer Vacation

In between running errands, cleaning the bathtub, and going to the movies today I’ve been texting with a friend who is on vacation at the beach with her family.  Sounds as if she’s having a wonderful time.

That got me to thinking about my plans for a couple of trips this summer. I can’t afford a vacation to the beach but I can take my daughter down to Indianapolis, Indiana to visit my brother and his family, like we did for the 4th of July weekend. Also, I’ve plans to travel to West Virginia for the Labor Day weekend, although it will be without my daughter. It will depend. I’m taking a class in the fall. It meets on Saturdays. And it starts the weekend before the Labor Day weekend. I’m really hoping that the class will be canceled for the Saturday of Labor Day weekend so I can make the drive down to W.Va. on Thursday or Friday. Otherwise I’ll have to leave on Saturday after class, which ends at 2 pm, which means I won’t get down there until about 9pm, and I won’t be able to spend as much time as I’d like with my cousin, who will also be traveling there from Iowa. It’s his family that lives there.

Maybe it is just today, but I suddenly feel this itch to travel, to take a trip. To be in the car driving on the expressway. Speaking of which, someone I play kickball with suggested an alternate route down to Indianapolis.  I take I-94 West to I-69 South. The alternate route involves takeing I-75 South to I-70 West into Indy. According to my source, the drive is about the same. Although my GPS takes me the other way, and it usually takes the shortest route. My kickball teammate preferred the alternate route, claiming that I-69 is very windy apparently. I guess I hadn’t noticed.

Wow. This is really mundane blog entry.


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