My Last Day

Tomorrow is my last day of work. Feeling pretty glum about it right now. Is there any other way to feel about it?

Tonight after kickball, sitting at the bar, listening to people talk about work, about their jobs, I felt like an outsider. I felt kind of pointless, useless.

I didn’t bring up that I was working my last day tomorrow. What would have been the point? What are people going to say? They don’t know what to say.

My plan is to keep as busy as possible this week until I head out of town on Friday for Indianapolis with my daughter to visit my brothr and his family. I figured it would be good to get out of town after my last day.

Wed I’ll be dealing with unemployment stuff. I need to visit the Michigan Works office to post my resume on their database, a requirement to apply for unemployment. I’m sure I’ll be there early, since I haven’t been able to sleep past 6 am for months now. After Michigan Works I can come home and apply for unemployment online. I don’t imagine that will take long. I should have time to do some job searching. Then it’s a matter of filling time until I pick up my daughter from day camp.

Thursday I have to pick up my next to last check from work. Also, I’m planning on going out to lunch with some people from work — or where I used to work anyway. Then I need to do laundry and prepare for the trip to Indy. I should get the car cleaned, inside and out. Pick my daughter up from day camp and pack so that we can leave firs thing in the morning Friday. I just want to get out of town ASAP!

On a somewhat related note, something that kind of bummed me out: I was chatting with a friend online who had only recently started job searching and already got an interview. I’ve been searching for months, even before I knew I was going to lose my job and the best thing that I’ve scored has been a phone interview, for a job that was only temporary contract with no benefits, and I never heard back about it.

Anyway, I should probably got to bed.


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