Milk bag

Does anyone else remember Milk in a bag?













I do. We got milk in a bag when I was kid. We even had that exact same pitcher to put it in, except ours was a kind of orange-red color, almost like ketchup.

We were talking about this at work today. It was the woman from Canada who brought it up. Everyone else, except for me and one other Canadian, was oblivious to milk in a bag. Is this a Canadian thing? And if so, why do I remember it form my childhood?

It does seem a bit odd, I suppose. I do remember it spilled easily, but then I spilled everything when I was a kid so…. Take me out to dinner and it was pretty much a guarantee that before the end of the night I’d spill my glass of water/pop/whatever, or someone elses.

I’d honestly thought they’d stopped producing milk in a bag, but apparently not.


5 responses to “Milk bag

  1. I am a Canadian (now in Australia) and think that milk bags are just a regional thing. Lived in Ontario for most of my life, and they are common there but when I moved west to Alberta, they weren’t to be found – and no one who hadn’t been east knew what I was talking about. Here in Australia, I think people would think I was crazy if I mentioned it!
    I liked buying milk in bags, but wished you could buy them individually, rather than in 3-packs. Seldom could drink that much milk before it went sour.

    • Must be a regional thing. Only many of the peop I work with are from the same area on Metro Detroit, grew up around here, and never heard of the milk in a bag but I had. They all though it was crazy.

      When the subject of milk in a bag first came up I assumed they were talking about the big bags that they have in restaurants, you know. I worked in a place like that, where we had to insert these huge five-gallon bags of milk and chocolate milk, which was very cumbersome, sort of like that scene in Fight Club when they are stealing the big bags of fat. And trust me, more than once I was sprayed with milk.

      • We had milk in a bag back in the 1970’s. We lived an hour north of Detroit. We got the milk from a dairy called Tolen’s. Loved their chocolate milk, it was better than the school’s chocolate milk.

  2. Never saw these. Though I do remember that the waxed cardboard cartons that are still around in half-gallon and smaller sizes used to come in gallon sizes, too. I guess they must have disappeared around 1980, when the plastic jugs took over completely. Too bad–they could’ve fit a lot more missing kids on those big ones.

  3. In Czech Republic (ex Czechoslovakia) it is matter of 80’s and mid-nineties, although there’s two dairies which still produces milk in plastic bags. For illustration I attach scan of 80’s milk wrapping.

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