The revolving door of dating

Out with the old and in with the new as it were, eh.

In this case Gigi — remember her; she gave me the “let’s be friends” spiel — would be the old, and NOT TO BE NAMED EVEN WITH AN ALIAS  is the new.

I had a date with new girl yesterday evening, whom I met on OkCupid…..

Random ADHA aside: I noticed today that the color combo that OkCupid uses for it’s logo:

Is pretty much identical to the colors of the pink urinal cake and the blue rubber urinal mat  in the bathroom at the coney where my daughter and I had dinner tonight.

Anyhoo….I was saying…oh, yes.

I had a date yesterday after work, but earlier in the day who should text me? That’s right, Gigi. The woman who said she would respect my wish to not be confined to her Friend Zone and not contact me, allowing me to do that should I wish to.

She texted that she missed talking to me, for what that is worth. And, that she felt that she and I got each other. My only response to her was to say that I could not talk just then because I was busy at work. I was not ignoring her and would not leave her hanging. She accepted that, I guess. She got what she wanted — a response from me.

I was busy, but also I did not want to talk to her because I was too excited about my date with the new woman who shall not be named not even with an alias. I didn’t want that cool vibe tainted by Gigi’s bring down moods.

So I went on my date and it was pretty cool. That’s all I’ll say.

Later, at home, I texted Gigi, told  her I was sorry I could not chat earlier. She texted, “No worries.” But the thing was, I had worries. And I wanted some answers. So I decided to ask for them.

“So you want to talk about what you texted me earlier today or did you just want to tell me how you felt?”

She just thought I should know how she felt. But I wanted to know what she wanted, what she expected from me, from us. She said she could not answer that right now. I replied that I wasn’t buying that, that she must want something otherwise she would not have texted what she did. It felt manipulative to me, and I told her so. She did not like that. She accused me of bombarding her with questions, demanding answers. I said, you’re damn right I am demanding answers. She didn’t like that either.

I didn’t care if she didn’t like it. I’d grown tired of  her BS. Because it seemed to me that what she wanted was an emotional vibrator, some guy to be her supportive crutch to help her through whatever she was going through from her last failed relationship until she was ready to finally have a new one, which would no doubt be with some other guy, at which point I would be cast aside.

She tried to cop out with: It’s been a long, busy day, maybe we can talk about this tomorrow. I pushed back even more so, saying she was stalling.

Finally, she said she was ending the conversation. I said, fine. In fact, let’s do it one better and end everything, permanently.

She said, okay. She would delete my contact information.

I said, you might as well. I already deleted yours, which I did not only on my phone but from my gmail account. etc.

Even at the end she was saying, Goodbye and I wish you well. I was tempted to tell her to fuck off and even more vile things, but I didn’t. I just deleted it all.

I thought she might still try to contact me again today, but she didn’t. So we’re done, and I am fucking relieved.



4 responses to “The revolving door of dating

  1. I recently had to do the same thing..Cell phone=delete, email=delete, FB-delete
    move along and don’t look back 🙂
    hope the new date was/is a good one!!

  2. I am going to take it upon myself to name the newest mystery woman “Lana,” after Lana Turner, who wasn’t afraid to cut a dude who got out of line. Let that be a cautionary lesson to you.

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