Should I be annoyed….

…by this response on eHarmony from a woman I contacted?

Hi Chris, wanted to send you a note as I find your profile very humorous and appealing. But I am pursuing a relationship and have shut down matches.
If my situation changes I will seek you out. Chances are you will be snapped up.
Best of luck to you,

I mean, yeah, sure, it’s complimentary, but really why respond at all? That’s what most people do. That’s what I do.

Would you rather get no response or response such as this?

Perhaps I’ve become too sensitive, or even grown paranoid? I don’t know. All I know is that this irked me. Makes me wonder why she felt the need to respond as such. I guess it felt a bit patronizing, as if I needed her assurances or something. As if….pffft.



7 responses to “Should I be annoyed….

  1. I happen to think it was a very gracious thing to do.. Rather than have you think she was not interested at all and leave you hanging..

      • See. That’s where my paranoia must be kicking in — that what she wants is for me to think, well, maybe there is a chance down the road…..something about that I don’t cotton to. I’m not saying I’m being rational.

  2. I agree with free penny press, although a bit funny worded, it seems to be like she was trying to be considerate, perhaps she has been left to many times without even an explanation and finds the being ignored part hard, so she doesnt want to do that to others

  3. Sometimes the female persuasion doesn’t know when to just shut the f up and keep things simple. But in her defense I think she was trying to be respectful by responding. I would just thank her for the response…and nothing more

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