Electric Zombie

Remember those Electric Football games?

You know, the ones where you had the little plastic football guys mounted on tiny platforms and you set them up on a little metal football field and then plugged it in and the metal field started to vibrate thus causing the guys to move, jittery and jumping, bumping up and down the field.

Well, I was thinking. What if instead of football guys you had a bunch of zombies and a few survivors, and instead of a field you had like a little town or whatever. You place your survivor guy and then turn on the game and the last one to be touched/eaten by zombies wins.

Pretty cool, huh….



BMX is GenX….

…and not just because it has an X in it either.

From time to time, I’ll recall my BMX days. For example: when I still in grad school I bought an SE Quad Angle for no reason other than I wanted it and happened to have some extra cash. I rode it for a few  years and then passed on to my nephew. Recently I retreived it, or what remainded of it anyway, from his grandmother’s garage, with the idea of restoring it. Who knows if that will actually happen. For now it sits in my garage in  need of wheels a brake cable and some reconditioning. A cool paint job wouldn’t hurt either. I’m thinking black or a deep purple (my daughter’s preference).

Anyway, if I do, I plan to post before, after and in-process photos here for anyone who might be interested.

For anyone who used to or currently does have a interestin in BMX, check out the BMX Museum. If you had a bike, it’s on this site. Mine was — A GT Expert.