Memo to Liberals: Quit your whining about Obama’s cabinet choices!

Oh, my: Barack Obama is still more than a month away from assuming the presidency, and already there are reports about “the left” being dispirited about change they no longer believe in.

B-O-O! H-O-O!

There is nothing new about anxiety among progressives that the candidate they just elected is destined to break their ideological hearts. In his journals, no less a loyalist to John F. Kennedy than the late historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. expressed dismay during the 1960 transition period over Kennedy’s apparent attraction to “a collection of rather respectable and conservative names for the Cabinet.”


Schlesinger concluded that Kennedy was seeking “an administration of conservative men and liberal measures,” an intriguing notion to apply to Obama.

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This strikes me as a good balance. It’s pragmatic.

Radical politics of any kinds is not good. We got that for the last 8 years. What do these piss mouths think, that swinging far in the other direction will somehow put all right with the world? It won’t. It will only cause a host of different kinds of problems.

This is largely a centrist country. Center-right, center-left, whatever. You can argue over that. But you can’t argue that it is near the center somehow.

It’s funny. During the campaign I was maligned with the label left wing liberal, a moniker I would have refuted but didn’t because the right wing Fox-propaganda-guzzling hack that slung at me wasn’t interested in a rational debate, but only to tell me to shut the fuck up. So I did. And Obama won anyway. My point is my politics aren’t that simple. And I don’t believe I’m unusual in that respect. People aren’t just one thing or the other.

Also, I can’t help wondering if many of these disillusioned lefties aren’t Millennials who were expecting some kind of grand sweeping revolution. If it is, there will be no revolution. I know your Boomer parents tainted your thinking with that concept, and for that I am sorry, though mostly I’m just annoyed, as a GenXer who wants to vomit every time I hear some fucking exhippy 60 dipshit utter that phrase. In any case, you’ll just have to get over it. You want revolution, got help overthrow a government in some unstable part of the world. Pakistan comes to mind, but then you’d have to convert to radical Fundament Islamic extremism and you don’t want to do that now, do you?

My point is this: the circumstances we face today requires pragmatism. Revolution will not fix things, it will only make things worse. You can’t change everything all at once.

Obama operates from a position of progressive idealism but moves forward pragmatically. And that is right.