Hilary as Sec. State

(CNN) — President-elect Barack Obama met with his former rival Sen. Hillary Clinton to see if she would be interested in a role in his administration, two sources told CNN Friday.

Read full CNN article here.

I skip watching the news one night and this is the kind of thing I miss. Danm! I didn’t hear about until this afternoon because I had a morning meeting with my financial advisor (saying that makes me feel important, although it was fairly depressing, what with the economy sucking ass and all) when a guy I work with told me about it.

I have to say I like the idea of HIlary as Sec of State. Better to have her as an ally in the White House then as a potential opponent in the Senate. It certainly makes more sense than trying to put her on the Supreme Court. Did anyone seriously think that was going to happen. And anywaay, Hilary is a stronger candidate then John Kerry for sure. I’m divided on Bill Richardson, having heard mixed reviews of his past performace as Ambassador to the UN (right?). 

I still want to see Chuck Hagel in the administration, but perhaps not as Sec of State. I figure him for Sec of Defense, after Bob Gates leaves.

What do others think:


Who Obama should NOT appoint

Interesting article by Timothy Noah on slate.com this morning, detailing his ideas of those that Obama would be advised NOT to appoint to his cabinet.

Right off the bat is Bill Richardson for Sec. of State. This surprised me. I’d been under the impression that Richardson had good credentials. But not according to Noah:

State Department. Do not appoint Bill Richardson, who by some accounts is the front-runner. Obama may feel he owes Richardson because the New Mexico governor endorsed him after dropping out of the presidential race and ended up being called a “Judas” by James Carville. But Richardson took his sweet time before embracing Obama; he dropped out in mid-January and didn’t cough up the endorsement until late March. Richardson’s résumé includes Clinton administration stints as energy secretary and as U.N. ambassador. He didn’t perform either job particularly well. As energy secretary, Richardson rashly accused Los Alamos official Wen Ho Lee of espionage—a charge later proved false. As U.N. ambassador, Richardson didn’t do anything anyone can remember except offer Monica Lewinsky a job three months before the story of her affair with President Clinton hit the Internet. “He has no great beliefs,” observed Slate‘s David Plotz in June 2000, “which may be why he didn’t mind flattering despots.” Richardson has twice broken the world’s record for most handshakes in an eight-hour period. He’s very proud of this. Don’t you find that alarming?

This gives me pause (not that anyone gives a rat’s backside what I do and do not pause for), especially the point about Richardson taking his sweet time about endorsing Obama. Clearly he was biding his time, in case it turned out that Hilary won the nomination and thus the White House. Of course, Richardson is a politcian and those creatures do such things, but if Obama is going to be a “different kind of politician” perhap he should consider cutting Billy loose. Didn’t someone suggest Richard Lugar, Republican from Indiana, for this post?

Noah doesn’t like John Kerry for anything, which is hard to argue with.

Also, I too can’t see Hilary on the Supreme Court.

It seems like a good idea to retain Robert Gets as SoD. Unlike Noah, I don’t really consider him a Bushie. Not like Rummy anyway. And anyway, I wouldn’t think it should be permanent. Eventually Obama could replace Gates with Hagel. I just want Hagel in there somewhere.

This article would be better if it actually offered suggestions for perhaps who Obama should consider. Criticism is fine, but without construction it just leaves rubble in it’s wake. And what good is that?

Bill Clinton on Letterman (9/22/08)


Watching Bill Clinton on Letterman from the other night, I was reminded why I voted for hime. Twice. And you know what, I would again if he were to run. Damn, the dude is smart.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And Obama would do well to tap the man’s knowledge and experience, as well as Hilary’s.

I was as pissesd as anyone at some of the shit Bill pulled during the election, Hillary too. But hey, the primary is over, and guess what, Obama won. That’s enough. What’s the point of making Bill and/or Hilary kiss Obama’s ring? What good will it do? Let it got and let’s move on and win this election!

McCain whine

“Grown and cultivated in the sorching desert heat, aged and withered under the relentlessly beating sun, like road kill on an Arizona highway. Aaaahhh!”

The McCain campaign is whining about Barack Obama’s lipstick on pig comment, claiming it was an attack on the Johnny Jet-crasher’s VP pick, which is pretty ironic considering that McCain used the same phrase in reference to a policy laid forth by Hilary Clinton. And didn’t he or someone on his campaign or whatever call Hilary a bitch when they assumed she would be the Democratic nominee? As in, “how are we going to beat this bitch” blah blah blah?

And geez, what the hell are these wussy Repubs getting their panties in a bunch about anyway? Didn’t Palin essentially called herself a bitch anyway? She said: You know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.” Couldn’t that be taken as when she removes her lipstick she’s the campaign bitch? The attack mongrel? Licking her crotch and sniffing her running mates butt?

It’s the stupid Boomers that just might sink Obama

I’ve got a serious blog-crush on Lisa Chamberlain, author of the recently published Slackonomics. Shit! How could I not, the way she bitch slaps around the Baby Boomers for their seeming willingness to sink Obama just because he isn’t one of them and openly, and proudly, proclaims it.

Chamberlain takes Hillraisers to task for likely taking on the roll that Nader supporters did in 2000:

But ya’ll are flirting dangerously with becoming this election’s Naderites — that is to say, political suicide bombers. It’s not just your bras that are going to be on fire, ladies. It’s going to be planet earth. Hyperbole? Think back to the 2000 election when Naderites argued there was little difference between Bush and Gore, and even if Bush won, it would be by such a narrow margin he would have to govern from the center. Really. Think. About. That.

Yeah. They’re too consumed with feeling disappointed and unappreciated blah blah blah to think.

But make no mistake this is a generational conflict at work here, as Chamberlian points out, quoting Charlie Cook, a political analyst that I’ve never heard of (but what do I know, right) but which she admire a great deal:

“It finally dawned on me that white Baby Boomers are the group that is really hurting Barack Obama,” Cook wrote in his National Journal column. “Of all people, the generation that brought us the Vietnam War protests and the Summer of Love is proving to be a very tough nut for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to crack.” Cook pointed out that among whites between 50 to 64, Obama is losing by a whopping 18 points, 51 percent to 33 percent. I don’t know if the numbers have moved much since June, but that was after Hillary “suspended” her campaign.

Doesn’t surprise me one fucking bit. In fact, it is pretty much what I expected out of that generation of jerk offs.

Cook calls this lack of support from Boomers a burden. Yeah, no shit. And the burden that they are is only going to grow.

Chamberlain concludes thusly:

I can forgive the misguided Naderites who were too young to know better – hell, I’ll admit to having been one. But when it comes to boomers, age does not seem to equal wisdom. It’s like a Dennis Hopper retirement commercial writ large, as The Onion brilliantly satirized: “Retirement planning means a lot of decision making, and thank God I have the soothing presence of that amyl nitrite–huffing, obscenity-screaming, psychosexual lunatic from Blue Velvet to guide me through it.” Substitute “retirement planning” for “voting,” and that approximates how I’m starting to feel about Election 2008, thanks to the soothing presence of bra-burning, man-hating, post-menopausal ‘feminists’ to guide me through it.

I won’t admit to being a Naderite in 2000. because I wasn’t. I voted Gore. And not because he was the lesser of two evils. I believed then, and I am more convinced now, that Gore would have made a more competent President than Clinton ever was, if for no other reason than he had far less severe Boomer psychodrama to live out on the world stage. Gore just wanted to live up to his Daddy’s expectations. Where as Clinton had (and may still have) to keep convincing himself that he wasn’t the poor little daddy-less fat kid by rutting with (or at least diddling with a cigar) every unfortunate female creature who’s scent he happened to latch onto.

Hilary’s canidacy is like Michael Myers

It just won’t die!

Even if Hilary herself has (publicly) moved on, her supporters are like politically flesh-hungry zombies that you just can’t seem to shoot in the head. And instead of moaning, they whine and they whine and they whine. And they won’t shut up. Apparently, the plan being to annoy the rest of the Democratic Part into giving them what they want.

And what do they want now? For Hilary’s name to be entered in the roll-call at the convention in Denver. This despite the fact that most in the Democratic Party believe this would result in a “dangerous show of disunity.”

Michelle Cottle, a senior editor at The New Republic, addresses this matter in her pesky column in this Sunday’s New York Times opinion pages.

Her rebuttal to the MAJORITY opinion in the Dem party that does not want Hilary’s name entered into the roll call is this:

It’s true that having America watch as some portion of Mrs. Clinton’s 1,640 pledged delegates thumb their noses at Barack Obama would disrupt the party’s vision of a carefully scripted Denver love-in.

No, Mich-ey, you got it wrong. It is Hilary or at least her embittered supporters that want the love-in. Because according to you they NEED….

a constructive way … to channel their anger and disappointment could wind up being the path of less destruction for Mr. Obama’s campaign. Plus, it’s the right thing to do.

Maybe these mostly Boomer ladies need to take a lesson from their Generation X sisters (and brothers too, who supported her undisciplined husband when he was in the White House diddling interns with cigares) and suck it up because the contest is over and their candidate lost. That is the right thing to do.

Cottle claims that:

You don’t have to be a die-hard Clintonite, or even much of a feminist, to be moved by the significance of her presidential campaign.

Oh, I was moved all right. I was moved by her code speak to white blue-collar workers that they could not trust a black man to treat them fairly, a myth that Obama continues to struggle to overcome. Not to mention her macbre allusion to Robert Kennedy’s assassination, which no matter how she tries to spin was a sick suggestion that a black man running for president, never mind holding the White House, could end up with a bullet in his head from the gun of some whack job. And then of course there was the moving race baiting by her husband. Oh yeah, it was a moving campaign all right. I was moved to never pay this woman any deference ever again, never mind support her in any way shape or form.

Cottle of course points out that Hilary’s run was historic. Yes. That is true. And now it is historically over. Democrats need to focus on winning the White House, with the winner of the Democratic Primary, Senator Barack Obama. But of course that just can’t be done. Why? Because some Hilary supporters still need some kind of “catharsis and a bit of closure.”

Shit. I’m not sure which concept is more annoying? Hasn’t all the whining been catharsis enough? And what more closure do you need than BARACK GOT MORE VOTES. There’s your fucking closure. It’s done. It’s over. Move on. If you just can’t bring your poor broken heart to support Obama then don’t. But shut the hell up about it already. And keep in mind that if Barack loses there are those of us, who otherwise would have supported Hilary, who if the results seem to show that bitter Hilary supporters played a significant roll in sinking Obama’s chances, may at least consider seriously not only not supporting Hilary’s next run at the White House but just might actively work against her. That petty bullshit works both ways, ladies.

And for those still griping about Hilary getting a bum rap from the media. Take it up with the media. Not the Democrats in your own party, for crying out loud.

But back to the historic nature of Hilary’s campaign. I love how Cottle refers to the excitement over Obama’s also historic campaign derogatorily as hullabaloo, suggesting that Hilary’s campaign was more historic, more serious, more important. Bullshit!

I guarantee you that if Hilary had won the nomination there would be zero tolerance for even a fraction of the griping coming from disappointed Obama supporters. It would be squashed, effectively telling the young black buck to stay in his place and wait his turn until the white dame of the nation has had her turn. But in the case of Hilary having won that would not have been necessary. Obama supporters, though disappointed, would have come around to support Hilary without all this pissing and moaning.

But that isn’t what happened; Hilary didn’t win. It may be sad for some but it is fact. Obama won because he got more votes, which is how it works not, as some of Hilary’s supporters would have it, by said supporters throwing a big enough fit to get their way. Obama will be the Democratic nominee. All this grand gesturing making is an unnecessary distraction. But it seems like it may be a distraction that Obama will unfortunately have to endure, as will we all.

If Obama does except this condition by Hilary and her legion, it won’t be because it is the “right thing to do,” as Cottle puts it. It will be because he was forced to comply by a bunch of whiners who claim they were treated unfairly while at the same time demand special treatment that no male candidate would ever receive.

Political agitations

This has been a rather politically agitating weekend.

First, all this whining from the McCain campaign. McCain basically dares Obama to visit Iraq and then when he goes and it goes well — three point swish — McCain bitches about that as well, complaining that the press is giving him too much press. Waaa waa waa! Sounds like someone is a little cranky. Not getting enough sleep, are we grampa? Then the McCain camp accuses Obama of “playing the race card” and of being a narcissist or full of himself or whatever. Blah blah blah.

What really pisses me off is this bickering is nothing but a fucking distraction. I want to hear someone talk about what they are going to to about the crumbling infrastructure in this country. I mean, we just had the anniversary of collapse of that bridge in Minnesota. There are a lot of bridges across the US that are badly in need of repair. Also, the electrical grid needs updating. Does anyone else remember the summer of 2003, when we had the rolling power outages the reached from the East Coast all the way up into Michigan? That was fucked up. Power out for like three days. And has anyone done anything about it? Not that I know of.

Then I read this frustrating article in The New Yorker about Tavis Smiley’s beef with Obama. Like Rev. Wright and Jesse Jackson, Smiley seems to be PO’d that Obama is doing what he cannot. And that Obama is not paying full and unwavering deference to his (Smiley’s) views on issues. Well, excuse him for not kissing the rings of the black elite.

Then there is Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times this Sunday about still-bitter-just-can’t-let-it-go Hilary loyalists who still refuse to support Obama. But not because they actually like what John McCain stands for — what does he stand for exactly? for about an hour or two before he needs to sit down to rest his weary old feet — but because they just don’t like Obama, despite his attempts to win them over.

Despite Obama’s wooing, some women aren’t warming. As Carol Marin wrote in The Chicago Sun-Times, The Lanky One is like an Alice Waters organic chicken — “sleek, elegant, beautifully prepared. Too cool” — when what many working-class women are craving is mac and cheese.

Bullshit! What woman craves fucking man-n-cheese? Only kids crave it. Poor grad students eat it because it is cheap, but they sure as shit don’t like it. I sure didn’t when I was eating it all the time.

Maybe Hilary didn’t deserve to be tagged with the b-word by Ludacris but these women just might.

According to Dowd’s column…

The Los Angeles Times reported that Hillary die-hards want to enshrine a whine in the Democratic platform about how the primaries “exposed pervasive gender bias in the media” and call on party leaders to take “immediate and public steps” to denounce any perceived bias in the future. That is one nutty idea.

Yeah. That’s what we need. Another fucking distraction that will hinder Democrats from gaining The White House. But what do the fucking care? Obama loses and Hilary can run again in 4 years.

Yeah, well. How about this — Obama loses and it looks like bitter Hilary supporters helped make that happen then you can forget about this Obama supporter at least supporting Hilary. I will vote for whatever dipshit the Republicans put forth. I don’t care who it is. And do you think I’ll be the only one? Think about it. No you won’t. You’re too god damn bitter to think, too hysterical.

And that’s not all. The McLaughlin Group was practically an entire show dedicated to dissecting Obama’s supposed mistakes this past week, especially that little Barbie Republican they got wiggling her ass in Tony Blankly’s old seat.

On top of all that, despite Obama’s trip overseas scoring a three pointer, figuratively as well as literally, he received no bump in the polls. If anything, he may have lost a little ground. Some polls have McCain and Obama in a dead tie, while others put McCain ahead of Obama.

Why? Apparently Americans don’t believe it is important that the US President be well liked abroad. Especially them cranky blue collar white guys that don’t give a rats ass what a bunch of towel heads, Krauts and Frogs think. They got no business commenting on American politics.

Am I the only one sick of hearing about whining blue collar white guys who can’t relate to Barack Obama? I mean, you got to love the irony of a bunch of big, strong, tough men crying like little girls because they aren’t being related too properly buy a guy they couldn’t give to shits about under any other kinds of circumstances. More than that, a guy they wouldn’t want much to do with because of his race, never mind his education and taste for arugula.

I just love how these big manly men have suddenly developed feelings that bruise like a grape, so you better not say mean about them ore the might cry. Yet these are some of the same knuckled-head pricks that seem to feel entitled to toss around all kind of invectives about Volvo-driving, cheese-eating, New Yorker-reading, liberal faggots.

I grew up in blue-collar Warren, Michigan. I knew people like this. They are hard working. But you know what? So am I. Just because I work in a library doesn’t mean I work just hard as they do. And fuck if I’m going to guilty or bad or somehow less American because I happened to bust my ass to get an education. You want to talk fucking hard work? That was hard work. And I’ve busted my hump at my share of labor jobs too. I mowed lawns and cleaned gutters and window wells when I was still fucking twelve. I delivered newspapers, all three major ones in my area — The Freep, The News, The Macomb Daily. I bussed tables. I cleaned up shit in bathrooms at Metro Beach Metro Park.

But now I have an undergraduate and graduate degrees. In fucking English too, Creative Writing. And I have owned a Volvo. And I like cheese and wine. And I love to read The New Yorker.

And any schmo who thinks that somehow makes me less of an American than him, because he turns a wrench or uses his back or gets dirty doing his job, can fuck off! Go cry to your mommy. Don’ cry here.

Ah. Fuck it!

In any case, my hope/pessimism index had plummeted. It was really soaring there for a time, at close to 70/30. But now I’d put it almost a dead lock, maybe a tad higher. Something like 51/49. And that is me being as optimistic as I can be.

I’m not sure I can believe that this country is really ready for change. I think that those cynical people that say that this country is not ready for a black president may be right.

And for believing otherwise, I feel duped, not by anyone else but by myself. I duped myself. I forgot a very important Generation X — don’t get your hopes up about anything, because chances are you’ll just end up disappointed in the end. And that seems to be where things are headed.

Even if Michigan goes for Obama — recent polls have him up by 4 points, and I’ve seen three Obama signs to zero McCain signs, and I live amongst many a Republicans — I doubt the country as a whole or at least the key battle states, such as Ohio, will.

Barack’s VP?

I was intrigued by this post on CNN’s political ticker, speculating on the possibility that Barack my select a Republican as his running mate. Specifically Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, who is traveling with Barack and some other Congressional colleagues. I like the idea of Hagel on the ticket, although it seems like a long shot. He’s a strong and reasonable, one of the few Republicans to stand up to the Bush Administration. In terms of cowboy analogies, which abounded with Texas Bush’s wrangling of the White House, Hagel is Gary Cooper to Bush’s Dean Martin. Hagel could also be in the running for a John McCain’s VP. That would spook me quite a bit. He’s a relatively unknown politician but I think when the county get to know him they like him, more and more, which could only improve McCain’s chances.

According the article, Hagel could also be considered for a cabinet post in either a Obama or McCain Administration:

The Nebraska Republican could also be a contender for a Cabinet post like Defense Secretary if either Obama or McCain wins, according to strategists in both parties, because of his friendship with both candidates.

Also mentioned in the article is Senator Jack Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island. I’d never heard of him before but apparently Obama likes the guy.

Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island, is an Army veteran who is respected in both parties for his knowledge of national security issues. Democratic strategists privately say Reed is highly-regarded by Obama and could also find himself on the short list for a variety of posts in a potential Democratic administration.

Both Reed and Hagel seem like good people to have working for you.

Of course there is still the possibility of Hilary as Obama’s VP. I’m still not fond of this idea, believing that she and Bill would be too much baggage, especially Bill. But as many have been saying you cannot simply dismiss The Clintons, which if unfortunate as far as I am concerned, because they are two Boomers that need to go the fuck away, which is precisely whey the will not. The will force their relevancy if they can, and the can.

Obama H/P Index

It’s been over a week since I’ve evaluated my Hope/Pessimism Index on Barack Obama’s chances of winning the White House. So I thought it would be a good time to update.

I have to say that I’m feeling pretty optimistic, putting my H/P I at about 70/30. Although as soon as I say that I worry that I’m in danger of being too optimistic. I wouldn’t be a GenXer if I wasn’t worried about being too optimistic, now would I. The danger here, as mine Generation eyes see it, is that being overly optimistic can lead to complacency. You let your guard down and that’s when you get sucker punched and the next thing you know John McCain is sitting his wrinkly old ass down behind the desk in the Oval Office. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Still, it is hard not to feel good about Obama’s chances. Most polls have him leading, although it is still a close race and no doubt will be to the end. And, Hilary finally resurfaced, appearing with Obama, in Unity, NH (way to push the point people), to reassert her support for the Democratic Nominee.

Of course, there is always the wild card chance of a terrorist attack tipping peoples’ favor due to fear back toward McCain. At least that is the way Charles Black, a McCain advisor, sees it. But Frank Rich, in the New York Times, doesn’t think that ultimately such Rovian scare tactics will pan out for Mr. McCain. Let’s hope not.

So let me back up a bit and recalibrate my H/P Index to something a bit more cautious, say, 67/33. Yeah. That’s should do it.

And what about those women Hilary supporters who threaten to vote for McCain

Big deal!

So says John Dickerson on slate.com this morning, anyway.

In this article Dickerson wonders: “Do these political snipes have as much influence over the presidential race as all the fuss suggests?”

Dickerson is of course skeptical, but he’s also on the attack.

According to dictionary.com snipe is a  kind of bird that presumable one can hunt, but that is not the only definition. Snipe is also defined as:

to shoot at individuals as opportunity offers from a concealed or distant position: The enemy was sniping from the roofs.


to attack a person or a person’s work with petulant or snide criticism, esp. anonymously or from a safe distance.

Of course, Dickerson is working all of these definitions.

I’m not giving him shit for doing so. In fact, I’m impressed by his boldness, not only likening these women to birds that one can hunt, track down and shoot with a gun (you just know he’s going to catch some serious shit for that, it being not only sexist but violent in a stereotypically male way or whatever) but calling them out for slinging political threats at Barack from the removed saftey of wherever their computer happens to sit. We all know how effective angry email can be. Send! Take that!

I agree with Dickerson, and I’m glad someone is finally writing about this facet of the election from this particular angle.

We get it — women that supported Hilary with their whole heart and sould and spirit and whatever blah blah blah are disappointed. But hey, life’s disappointing, especially in politics, at least as far as I can tell. Get over it. Move on. Only some of these woman don’t seem to want to get over it, and have no intention of moving on. They’re bitter and fully intend to stay that way. Okay. Fine. What do you want us to say?

How about: Big deal!

But wait. What if it is a big deal? What if they mobilize. Apparently these bitter birds have their own web site. Oh no! Not a web site. What if this catches on? What if their numbers swell? Well, Dickerson argues that their numbers aren’t really that big to begin with, which is why he laments the fact that so much is being made of their griping. They’re really a pretty small constituency, and will likely stay that way.

But don’t tell that to some of them that. Some like “Irma, a 51-year-old Hispanic research scientist, sent a note soon after the Democratic Rules and Bylaws Committee came up with a solution for seating the Florida and Michigan delegations:”

The Democratic party no longer respects the right of the voter to cast a vote. I know that there are thousands if not millions of people who feel just like me. We will not be forced to cast a vote for Barak Obama. I got through the Reagan and the Bush years—I can stomach 4 years of a McCain Presidency.

Oh really, Irma. Thousands if not millions. Wow. That’s a lot of people. It’s difficult to imagine any individual on the face of the planet that has actually come in contact with “thousands if not millions of people” much less knows them and their political leanings. I certainly hope Irma exercise more exacting honesty in her scientific research than she does in assessing the poltical landscape.

Speaking of being more exacting let’s gander at Dickerson’s breakdown of some numbers:

Let’s start with the math. Clinton says 18 million people voted for her. That’s about 13 percent of the electorate. Obama wins about 80 percent of the Clinton supporters in a recent poll, which means that the coveted Clinton-for-McCain voters represent about 2.6 percent of the electorate. These voters matter only if they live in one of the 20 or so swing states—they’re not going to win Massachusetts for McCain. This means the total number of voters he needs to convince and hold onto is small. But Irma isn’t one of them; as it turns out, she doesn’t live in a swing state.

How sad for you, Irma. Well, at least you have your bitterness, and I assume a number of cats and perhaps even a pet wombat, to comfort you.

The point is this:

As my colleague Emily Bazelon has pointed out, if you’re a voter who cares about the issues Hillary Clinton championed, Barack Obama is your candidate. Now that he’s the only Democrat in the race, when he talks about the policy positions women care about, his is the only voice they hear. And he knows exactly where his target audience lives, which is the first key to convincing them. The Obama campaign has a list of the swing-state women who supported Hillary (either from their own canvassing during the primaries or because Clinton will hand over her list). They’ll be able to target them directly.


There’s already some polling that suggests that Obama is improving his standing with women. According to the latest Gallup poll, in a head-to-head matchup with McCain, Obama is now matching Clinton’s performance among women, with a 13-point lead among female voters. In the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Obama also leads McCain by seven points among white women. This is perhaps the most crucial swing portion of the electorate as a whole. George Bush won white women by 11 points in 2004. Not all white women were Clinton supporters, of course, so these polls aren’t a precise measure of Obama’s inroads into the camp of Hillary defectors. But Obama couldn’t have improved his standing with women as much has he has since clinching the nomination without a big boost from those who once supported his Democratic rival.

In the end these Hilary supporters, or No Obama Mamas as Dickerson snarkily suggests labeling them, can sqwak all they like, and of course vote for whom the chose. As Americans that is their right. But ultimately it will amount to no big deal.