alive and kicking….

….stay until your love is….

A DM on Twitter from JenX today inspired me to post. I haven’t in awhile. Not sure if I’m burned on on this blogging stuff. Or if perhaps I’m just on a hiatus.

Anyhoo… not only am I still alive and kicking, I’m doing quite well. In fact, things could not be better because C and I are reconciling. That’s right. I’m giving up the apt and moving back in. It only took a couple of months. And some little yellow pills and a whole lot of blathering to a stranger in a Dilbert-esque office can do for you. Although to my counselor’s credit, he’s done as much as can be expected to give the plain white wall box some personality and charm. In any case, it did the trick.

That’s where thing are now… for the few who might be interested.

Which of course brings me to this point: What now?

I’d intended for this blog to be about how C and A and I re-formatted our lives in the wake of the separation. But there’d have to be a separation for that happen so….

I’ve been concetrating my writing energies on my fiction, at present specifically a novel I plan to pub online. A psychological thriller of sorts. With a bit of supernatural thrown in for good measure. Along with a dash of conspiracy paranoia. But on deeper level, I suppose, it is an expression of one person’s grief and pain and sorrow. Yeah, I know — how original, right. Hey. I never claimed to be some great literary talent.

Finally. I can’t help wondering if the blogging sprung from my depression, for lack of a better word. We’ll see, I suppose.

Okay Simple Minds. Play me out….