Iron Man was awesome!

I had high hopes for this movie. First, because of the Marvel animated superhero shows that I used to watch on channel 20 as a kid, Iron Man was my favorite.

And second, because Robert Downey Jr. is one of Generation X’s best actors, if not perhaps the best. Sure, he’s had his problems — drugs, jail time, more drugs, more jail time — but you cannot deny the dude’s talent. All the movies that he appears in may not be stellar success, by whatever measure you happen to employ, but I defy anyone to show me a bad performance by this guy. Can’t be done.

I, of course, recall first seeing him in Weird Science, a bizarre teen angst film about two geeks (one played by Anthony Michael Hall, another GenX actor) who, utilizing their computer and geek obsession with science and fear of never getting laid make a hot woman, played by Kelly Labrock, who teaches them the value of having fun, and he stood out instantly. Of course, it was his performance in Less Than Zero as the crack-addicted Julian that was really allowed Downey to show his dramatic acting chops.

Some of Downey’s more recent films that I really dig include: A Scanner, Darkly, Zodiac, and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang! the latter of which I don’t think many people have seen, but they should, and not just because of Downey. Val Kilmer is quite good in it too; who knew he could play such a good fag.

Also looks like Downey will be making a cameo in the coming in June The Incredible Hulk, playing Tony Stark/Iron Man in it. And of course the obligatory Iron Man 2 seems to be slated for 2010. Can’t wait.