How to Begin

Previously I blogged about being a contributing writer for JenX67’s blog Are You There God, It’s Me Generation X.  Now that May is almost upon us (and thank God, too, because April really was the cruelest month this year for me) I’m starting to ponder the possibilities for my first post.

In the forefront of my mind is a post about being a single dad and all that entails. Contributing bloggers for JenX67’s site begin submitting in early June so I’ll have May to gather material.

But I’ve also considered that I might be able to get something out of living with my parents (I’m a three-time boomerang child) now, like how the TV almost never gets a rest. I thought I watched a lot of TV. And it’s so LOUD — WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO LOUD?

Of course, there’s always my angst over money, and conducting a job search an the crappiest job market that I’ve ever known. Plus how my age, 42, factors into the equations. Not to mention that my technology skills have deteriorated in the past half-of-a-decade. And the skills that I do have may not translate well into the industries I’m looking to get into — advertising, marketing, publishing. I probably won’t be able to be very picky. The only thing I know I can’t do is sales. I’d suck at that.

In any case, I’ve got some things to think about and consider.


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